Milk shortage in shops should end in a couple of weeks

Nenad Budimović, Secretary of the Livestock and Product Processing Association of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS), told Kurir TV that the situation regarding the milk shortage in shops ‘will end in two to three weeks’.

“Only a year ago, we had higher production and larger livestock. Something happened in the market that caused a milk shortage. If you reduce production on the farms, you also reduce the milk supply to the dairies. This imbalance is not new and all agreements made must be respected. The demand for milk has increased and there isn’t enough produced milk to cover it,’ said Nenad Budimović.

He underlined that the solution lies in implementing systemic measures, but these are very slow and demanding.

“The solution is not giving a lot of money to farmers. It is important to have fixed contracts with farmers and dairies for delivery and storage. State premiums for farmers should be paid out on time. Although there are fewer dairy cows which produce 700,000 litres of milk per day, even that quantity is enough to cover our needs. According to official data, we have around 400,000 dairy cows, although there are significantly fewer in reality,” Budimović warned.

He also added that there is no room for panic and that the market situation will stabilise. “There is no reason to panic. All that needs to be done is to adjust all the relevant parameters and the situation should stabilise in three weeks the most,” Budimović.

(Srbija Danas, 06.09.2022)

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