More focus on capital-intensive instead of labour-intensive investments

By amending the Regulation on determining the criteria for awarding incentives to attract direct investments, the state raised the threshold for minimum investments, and the division of local self-governments according to the level of development was abolished in favour of five regions. Economist and director of LIBEK, Mihailo Gajić, say that the amendments to the […]

Serbia’s Simpo and Macedonia’s Leov to open a factory – 200 new jobs

Furniture producer Simpo from the southern Serbian town of Vranje and the Leov Company from North Macedonia have decided to form a company called Simpo-Leov, based in Vranje, which will produce electrical appliances, primarily buffers and water heaters. Simpo will provide the production facility and ancillary infrastructure, while Leov will invest in equipment and know-how. […]

Austria’s Electroplast Packaging opens a factory in Kruševac

Yet another foreign company has decided to invest in the southern Serbian town of Kruševac. Austrian company Electroplast Packaging has relocated its production facility from Hungary to Serbia. The company’s director, Hermann Kunesch, said that they considered Kruševac a town with “a favourable business environment” and that the workers in Kruševac were knowledgeable, qualified and […]

Oracle opens regional centre in Kragujevac

US-based multinational computer technology company Oracle opened a regional centre in the central Serbian town of Kragujevac from which it will provide IT cloud services to global users, the Serbian government said in a press release. During the opening ceremony, Oracle and state-owned telecommunications operator, Telekom Srbija, signed a contract under which Telekom will use […]

Germany’s Auto-Kabel to expand its factory in Serbia

German automotive parts manufacturer Auto Kabel is expanding its plant in Serbia’s western municipality of Mionica, where it plans to employ a further 300 workers, the local government said. No details about the plant’s capacity were disclosed in the statement by the local authority last week. Auto-Kabel, a manufacturer of electrical conductors for the automotive […]

Haitian International to start building its 250,000sqm factory in Ruma in autumn

The Chinese company Haitian International will start building a 250,000-square-metre production facility in the Vojvodinian town of Ruma in the autumn of this year. The production is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2025, the company announced. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on April 20. Phase 1 will entail the construction of 161,000 […]

Turkiye’s election: what can we expect?

by Gaetano Massara Today Turks go to the polls to elect the President and the Parliament of the Republic born on the ashes of the Ottoman Empire defeated in the First World War. Turkey has never been more polarized than today. On the one hand, the outgoing president, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, leader of the conservative Islamist Justice […]

Anti-violence protest vs anti-people regime

(Another Serbia against Violence protest is scheduled for today at 18:00h) by Filip Švarm Editor-in-chief of Vreme magazine “What will happen today at 6 pm? Will Vučić defend Bata Gašić (Interior Minister) and Vulin (BIA director), Željko Mitrović (owner of Pink TV) and Peconi (controversial businessman) with batons and tear gas? Everything depends on the […]

Municipal elections in Northern Kosovo. Is detachment closer?

by Gaetano Massara Municipal elections were held on Sunday 23 April in Northern Kosovo, where Serbs represent 90% of the population. Kosovo has been de facto independent since 1999, when NATO intervened in defense of the Albanian majority by putting an end to Serbia’s sovereignty, to then declare de jure independence in 2008. Which not […]

Growth Strategies for Serbia

by Luca Gori and Nicola Pontara This article originally appeared on Lavoce.info (https://lavoce.info/archives/100852/strategie-di-crescita-per-la-serbia/). We are publishing it with the kind permission of the authors. As a crucial country for stability in the Western Balkans, Serbia has achieved significant economic success in recent years. The country has the potential to accelerate convergence with the EU and […]

The Conference of Rome, what Italy can do in the Western Balkans

by Gaetano Massara Tomorrow Italy’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Antonio Tajani will host a conference with his homologues of the six Western Balkan nations who are not yet members of the EU (the so called WB6): Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia. The gathering is part of a process that began last November […]


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