Slovenia’s Feniksbus and Gradient to build a bus factory in Novi Sad

Feniksbus d.o.o. Novi Sad, a Serbian subsidiary of the Slovenian companies Feniksbus and Gradient which produce mini- and medium-sized buses, plans to build a bus factory in Novi Sad. The future factory will have a production hall with an administrative building and a warehouse storing flammable products and it will be located in Jegricka Street […]

DW: The end of Serbia’s double game?

Vučić’s rule rests on clientelism, failure to solve the Kosovo problem and Western diplomacy’s assessment that Vučić is the solution. At the same time, Serbia’s image in the West, based on the 1990s template, is often dark and distorted, Deutsche Welle writes in the Swiss media. The Zurich-based daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung has published an […]

Balkan nationalism as a brake on the economy

 By Aleksandar Đokić political scientist and scientific researcher “History does not happen everywhere at the same time. For some macroregions, the process of forming nation states and even markets, was already completed in the 19th century. After a couple of centuries of great wars – from Napoleon to Hitler – those countries managed to learn […]

“It’s not only about Kosovo”

By Daniel Serwer Director of Conflict Management Program The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies “Serbia’s effort to destabilize Kosovo so that it can claim control of its Serb-majority north should today be apparent to all. The license plate brouhaha of last year, the boycott of municipal elections in the spring, the subsequent rioting against […]

Hail the state and its spending!

By Miša Brkić “I’m not saying that Serbia doesn’t need a plan to prevent decline. But, when there is no plan, the Declaration* is not bad either. I believe that the Declaration will be followed by a plan, although its authors say that it already prescribes concrete measures of what needs to be done in […]

Which issues should opposition start dealing with?

By Filip Švarm “As we all know, the opposition parties, the organizers of Serbia against Violence protests, have signed the “Agreement for Victory”. We also know what is written in that document. What we don’t know is how much of what was signed will be realized. Why we don’t know that? Let’s get specific. First […]

Role that sports play in Serbian world of salami and politics

By Goran Mišić “The national euphoria is not abating in Belgrade after the Serbian basketball team, under the leadership of Svetislav Pešić, became the vice-champion of the world in Manila, while, simultaneously, Novak Djokovic won the US Open in New York for the fourth time, i.e. his 24 Grand Slam and re-acclaimed the No 1 […]

Global Excellence – interview with the Belgrade Mathematical Grammar School’s principal Mirjana Katić

interview by Biagio Carrano The Belgrade Mathematical Grammar School is the flagship of the Serbian education system. Officially founded in 1967 to offer higher education to particularly gifted adolescents in the fields of mathematics, physics and, later, computer science, this educational institution has gone through the years of Yugoslavia’s dissolution, wars, NATO bombing of the […]


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