What did big foreign investments bring apart from exhausted and humiliated workers?

The Serbian public was disconcerted by the news of the collapse of the Mitros Company, the former giant in the meat industry from Sremska Mitrovica, now owned by the Austrian holding company Gierlinger.  The Austrians are shutting down production and will lay off all the workers, after receiving 5.8 million euros in subsidies from the […]

Inobat to open a battery factory in Ćuprija and get EUR 419mln in state incentives

Slovakian startup InoBat has selected a location for its gigafactory for manufacturing and recycling batteries. The move follows earlier preliminary agreements signed with the Government of Serbia. InoBat said it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Serbia’s Ministry of Finance and the Municipality of Ćuprija, a town in the central part of the country, […]

American Concentrix coming to Serbian market

The American company Concentrix, a leading global provider of customer experience (CX) services and technologies, is coming to the Serbian market. Concentrix Corporation (CNXC), a provider of customer experience (CX) services and technologies, Monday said it has completed its combination with outsourcing and consultancy company Webhelp, which has its offices in Belgrade too. The combined […]

China’s Zijin Mining to invest USD 3.8 bn in Serbia’s mines and solar energy

China’s Zijin Mining Group Co. is developing plans to expand its copper mine in eastern Serbia due to demand for the metal considered vital to the global energy transition — an effort that could cost billions of dollars. The company opened the Cukaru Peki copper and gold mine almost two years ago, with a $678 million investment allowing it […]

Philip Morris to invest USD 100 mln and create 200 new jobs in Niš

On the occasion of the marking of 20 years since the privatization of Duvanska Industrija Nis, Philip Morris International (PMI) has announced a new investment worth USD 100 million, which is a considerable step toward the realization of the company’s principal vision – “delivering a smoke-free future”. With this investment, in the company’s factory in Niš, […]

Đedović: Zijin Mining Group invested more than 2.5 billion dollars in Serbia

The Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Đedović spoke with representatives of the Zijin Mining Group about the mining activities of those companies in Serbia and investments in the mining sector highlighting that the country supports mining projects that are fully aligned with legalframe work of the country. “We support the implementation of projects in […]

EBRD: 500 millions euros for fast internet in remote villages

All interested companies are invited to build 3,280 kilometers of broadband internet in the villages of 85 municipalities in Serbia. Funds for this work were allocated by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The EBRD announced the call on behalf of the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications, and it is a pre-qualification procedure […]

Hail the state and its spending!

By Miša Brkić “I’m not saying that Serbia doesn’t need a plan to prevent decline. But, when there is no plan, the Declaration* is not bad either. I believe that the Declaration will be followed by a plan, although its authors say that it already prescribes concrete measures of what needs to be done in […]

Which issues should opposition start dealing with?

By Filip Švarm “As we all know, the opposition parties, the organizers of Serbia against Violence protests, have signed the “Agreement for Victory”. We also know what is written in that document. What we don’t know is how much of what was signed will be realized. Why we don’t know that? Let’s get specific. First […]

Role that sports play in Serbian world of salami and politics

By Goran Mišić “The national euphoria is not abating in Belgrade after the Serbian basketball team, under the leadership of Svetislav Pešić, became the vice-champion of the world in Manila, while, simultaneously, Novak Djokovic won the US Open in New York for the fourth time, i.e. his 24 Grand Slam and re-acclaimed the No 1 […]

Global Excellence – interview with the Belgrade Mathematical Grammar School’s principal Mirjana Katić

interview by Biagio Carrano The Belgrade Mathematical Grammar School is the flagship of the Serbian education system. Officially founded in 1967 to offer higher education to particularly gifted adolescents in the fields of mathematics, physics and, later, computer science, this educational institution has gone through the years of Yugoslavia’s dissolution, wars, NATO bombing of the […]

Poison house

 By Marko Vidojković „There is hardly anything healthier to eat than raw fruits and vegetables. And it tastes good, especially the fruit. When the summer is this hot, sinking your teeth into a peach from the fridge is better than eating ice cream containing carrageenan. Or when autumn comes and plums become ripe – so […]

You don’t censor an institution

 By Marko Vidojković  “As I am writing this column (Sunday, before noon) nothing has changed. Caricaturist Dušan Petričić has terminated his cooperation with the Nova.rs website and Nova daily and that cooperation has not been resumed as we speak. I found that out on Friday evening, through Dušan’s Facebook post, where he posted a caricature, […]

Be a man, protect a woman

By Nenad Kulačin “The terrible crime that took place in Gradačac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, shook everyone to the core*. After such a monstrous act, everyone has been asking themselves a myriad of questions.  However, there are no answers because this whole act is abnormal and has become very frequent as societies are becoming increasingly weaker […]

Wind conspiracy

By Aleksej Kišjuhas “The debris and uprooted trees in Novi Sad and Vojvodina had not yet been cleared and yet conspiracy theories about the recent storms became rife, like poisonous mushrooms or toxic narratives after the rain. According to the flatulence of the brain or the released winds of the mind, the global evildoers deliberately […]

Hungary, Turkiye and Serbia – eerie similarities

By Miša Brkić “Turkiye had the highest inflation rate in June – 38.3 percent, followed by Hungary – 19.9 and Serbia – 13.5 percent. Considering the increase in food prices in June, inflation in Turkey was 54.3 percent, in Hungary – 28.4 percent, and in Serbia – 24 percent. The data was published by Eurostat […]


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