Turkey’s Flex Academy to open a factory in Priboj

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić began yesterday’s visit to Priboj (Central Serbia) by visiting the town’s free zone, as well as the production premises of the Turkish company, Flex Academy. After talks with the Turkish investor, he announced the construction of another plant by the same company. “The company will employ additional 150 people. These are […]

The 10 mistakes that Italian entrepreneurs do in Serbia

We really learn only from our failures, because success, which is often the result of chance as well as its opposite, only strengthen our presumptions.  Therefore, also for what regards to investments in Serbia, especially planned by small and medium-sized companies, here is a shortlist of mistakes, superficiality, prejudices and unfounded optimism, that resulted in […]

Niš branch of a Danish company hires 100 young people without state subsidies

The coronavirus epidemic has slowed down the growth of many companies, shutting down some or forcing them to change the way they do business. The exception that refutes that rule comes from Niš. Namely, the branch of the Danish IT company Better Collective (BC), which was founded in 2016, without the help of state subsidies, […]


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