Austrians interested in investing in solar plants in Serbia

Austrian company Solid Solar Energy Systems is interested in investing in solar power plants in Serbia, said the company’s director Stephan Jantscher after a meeting with Serbian Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic. “Together with our Serbian partners we have studied the market and conducted several feasibility studies for different cities in order to assess the potential […]

China is just beginning to invest in Serbia

Large infrastructure and capital projects in Serbia, in which Chinese companies participate, will continue in 2021 too, while Chinese investments in real estate, logistics centres, food production and various cooperatives in the field of agriculture can be expected, although Serbia has a problem in the fragmentation of farms. This is according to Tomislav Despić, director […]

Anti-Corruption Council recommends government to reconsider subsidies to foreign investors

The Anti-Corruption Council recommended to the Government of Serbia to allocate subsidies and incentives according to priorities of national importance from real sources and not with the money from new loans, as well as to re-consider allocating very high subsidies to foreign investors. “What is the purpose of subsidies, granted mainly to foreign investors, which […]

The consensus vaccine

The consensus vaccine in Serbia has a tricky name: technically it’s called ChAdOxl nCoV-19 recombinant vaccine, more commonly called Covidshield, and it comes from India. It…


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