Zumtobel closes its Austrian plant, moves part of production to Serbia

The Austrian lighting producer, Zumtobel will close the production of its sister company Tridonic in Jennersdorf, Austria, and relocate this production segment to Serbia, as well as to the plant in Dornbirn, Austria.

This decision, which will come into effect in March, will result in the loss of 90 jobs by November next year, the company said. The research and development centre in Jenersdorf, which employs around 30 people, will remain in operation.

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According to the director of Tridonic, Thomas Erath, Zumtobel’s plant in Nis, which was opened in September, will produce LED modules which have been manufactured so far in the Jennersdorf plant.

In the future, technically demanding products, like certain components, will be produced in Tridonic’s plant in Dornbirn, which specializes in LED management systems.

Thomas Erath also says that the production of LED modules in Jennersdorf has been under extremely high price pressure for a long time and that it was not economically viable. Tridonic is one of the few manufacturers of LED modules that did not relocate its production from Europe, while most of its rivals have moved their manufacturing facilities to Asia.

“We have not yet achieved a competitive cost base. Therefore, we will continue, within the Group, to implement measures to strengthen our competitiveness in all areas”, Erath added.

(eKapija, 21.11.2018)




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