Zrenjanin: Investor interested in acquiring Luxol put on hold

The serious offer by a Czech investor to buy the ruined Zrenjanin facilities has not been answered so far. 

Once successful, the Zrenjanin-based company Luxol is now in bankruptcy, and the Czech offer has not received an answer by either the trustee in bankruptcy or the Board of Creditors.

The investor, which founded Vimislicki Liftovi in Zrenjanin back in May and appointed Miroslav Veres, a resident of Zrenjanin, as the director, is slowly losing patience. Veres, the director of the company which intends to produce elevators in Luxol facilities, has found himself in trouble.

– I spent 17 years working in the Czech Republic and now I’m putting all my efforts in convincing some Czech businessmen, who are good friends of mine, to invest in Zrenjanin and Serbia. As soon as I managed to do so, we encountered an obstacle here. In my opinion, Milan Nicetin, the trustee in bankruptcy, is the one holding it all back, since he has failed to give his opinion on our offer to buy Luxol, which was sent back in late May – Veres claims.

He notes that the Czech company would employ more than 100 workers on the construction of elevators in the first phase, but that it is also prepared to invest in the continuation of the production in a part of Luxol’s chemical program, a brand still recognized by consumers.

Dusan Sijan, the head of the Central Banat District, who has been contacted by Veres, also confirms that he had contact with the Czech investor and that he did everything in his power to help, but that he still failed to move things forward.

Milan Nicetin, Luxol’s trustee in bankruptcy, has confirmed that the Czech company is still interested. The law says that the Board of Creditors needs to give its opinion on the offer and that he has written to them, but that they still haven’t responded.

(eKapija, 07.09.2016)

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