Zrenjanin: New factories by Toennies and Draexlmaier

Zrenjanin Mayor Cedomir Janjic says that the arrival of Germany’s Toennies is a “nearly done deal” and adds that he expects the first farm to be located in Zrenjanin.

– We expect an investment of more than EUR 22 million. Toennies plans employ subcontractors as well, which is good news for our producers – he says.

Janjic adds that the city is negotiating with 7-8 potential investors from Italy, Austria, Albania and the Czech Republic.

– The negotiation process lasts for a long time before the investment is actually implemented, that is, until the land in the industrial zone is bought. Last year, we signed 13 contracts with new and existing investors and I think that come the end of this year we are going to be pleased with our results – he underlines.

– The Italian company Fulgar has bought land on four occasions, Draexlmaier has bought land twice and we are already negotiating about a new factory – Janjic says and adds that the German company will most probably be building a new factory and opening more than 1,000 new job positions in 2017.

Zrenjanin beer to return in 2017

When it comes to the Zrenjanin Brewery, Janjic says that although there have been a few investors expressing their interest, the whole process of acquiring the brewery is quite complicated.

– The facility is burdened by the restitution and planning instruments not allowing for the production of beer in the volume that it was before, and there are no investors interested enough in restoring the brewery to its former glory – he says. The mayor adds that the plan is to restore production in the brewery sometime in 2017.

(eKapija, 06.11.2016)


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