Zrenjanin authorities issue Linglong with warehouse construction permit without the previous EIA

The Gradjanski Preokret (Civic Turnaround) non-governmental organization filed a complaint against the Zrenjanin city administration over its decision to allow the Chinese company Linglong to build a non-hazardous waste warehouse without conducting an environmental impact assessment (EIA) study first.

The complaint was filed with the Vojvodina Secretariat for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection against the decision of the Zrenjanin city administration.

In early April, the Zrenjanin government allowed Linglong to build a non-hazardous waste storage facility as part of its future tyre factory, without conducting an environmental study, which violates the law, said the NGO in a press release.

The complaint seeks that the city’s decision be annulled and that it be established that the Zrenjanin government does not have the authority to decide on Linglong’s request.

The complaint also states that there is a need to conduct a comprehensive, integrated environmental impact assessment study of the Linglong tyre factory, “which the Chinese investor has been avoiding for years”.

Recently, Linglong has been accused of abusing Indian workers it hired to work on the construction of its factory in Zrenjanin, whose passports had been confiscated and work permits expired. The workers also lived in substandard facilities, without enough food, their salaries were late and were threatened with deportation.

(Zrenjaninski.com, 16.04.2024)


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