Zorana Mihajlović: ‘I have nothing to reproach myself with’

Speaking at a press conference about her work as a government minister over the past ten years, former Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlović said she did not regret her decision not to be part of the new Serbian government, wishing her successor all the best.

“We have worked to return the energy sector to where it truly belongs. It seems to me that Putin has put energy into the centre of events and that the aggression against Ukraine had to happen in order to understand that energy is important,’ Mihajlović said.

Mihajlović also spoke about Aleksandar Vučić at the press conference.

“He was the one who invited me to join the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) in 2010. This is the man I spoke with every time we agreed that I should be a minister. This is the man I also spoke with yesterday when we agreed that I will not be a minister in the next government. All those stories about our conversation are not true. We had a private conversation and I don’t want to reveal anything. I don’t think it will be easy for him, but I also think he will have one less headache to deal with. He will no longer have the outspoken voice he had had until now,” she added.

Mihajlović thanked the media for their cooperation and said she wished the new energy minister the best, adding that it will not be easy for her because ‘it was not easy for me, I did not accept to be a pawn and that might be the reason why I am where I am today.’

“In the end, I have no reason to regret anything. I have been in government for 10 years and my team and I have accomplished a lot. This is a new beginning for me. I am definitely staying in politics and I want to work for the benefit of my country and my people. I believe that Serbia has a place in the EU and I will fight for Serbia to find its place in the West, not in the East, in these new divisions,” Mihajlović said.

Asked whether she would remain an SNS member, she said that now was not the time to talk about it, underlining that the press would have to wait a few months for her to reveal her concrete plans.

(Kurir, 26.10.2022)




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