Zoran Radojicic officially appointed the new Belgrade mayor

Belgrade MPs have chosen Zoran Radojicic, director of the University Children’s Hospital in Tirsova Street and the SNS’ candidate for mayor, as the new Belgrade mayor. The former Belgrade city manager, Goran Vesic was appointed deputy mayor, while Andreja Mladenovic will be assistant mayor.

Out of 110 councilors in the Belgrade Assembly, 67 voted for Radojicic.

Ninety-three councilors were present in the Assembly hall, and out of 83 ballots that were put into the ballot box, 73 were valid ballots and 10 invalid.

Also, the following officials are appointed as members of the City Council – Dragomir Petronijevic, Tanja Popovic, Stevo Marusic, Milos Dangubic, Gavrilo Kovacevic, Zoran Adamovic, Elena Bilic, Filip Marjanovic, Fadilj Eminovic, Vojin Vucicevic, Vladimir Jestratijevic, Slobodan Solevic and Milan Jankovic.

In his expose, Radojicic told the members of the parliament that his dream was for the capital of Serbia to become a true modern European city in the next four years.

“I expect my team to work hard and to produce results. We will put in a lot of effort in order to fulfil our goals, and citizens will be regularly notified of the plans and the accomplished goals”, Radojicic pointed out in his speech.

Radojicic also underlined that he would run the city with a lot of dedication and added that, as the director of the children’s hospital, he had felt the need to initiate the project of the construction of Tirsova II.

Talking about the ongoing projects and those that are yet to be carried out, he mentioned the construction of the subway as one of the most important.  

“We have a difficult task ahead, and we will be able to achieve this only as a compact team. We are also going to diligently work on achieving all the goals we set out in our campaign”, said Radojicic.

He pointed out that he is man of compromise who is always willing to find an alternative, adding that there is room for everyone to find a common interest.

“Thank you all! When something happens to you that you did not plan, as it did to me, than you get very excited as I am right now. I am content and will do my best to justify the opportunity you gave me in the right way,” Radojicic added.

When asked how he responded to criticism coming from the opposition members who said they understood why the SNS needed Radojicic, but could not fathom why Radojicic needed SNS, he said: “I see this as a policy. As I said in my speech, I’m not experienced enough to answer this question and I really don’t want to go into further discussions.”

He added that he was the mayor of all citizens of Belgrade, and that he was ready to compromise and talk.

Journalists were also interested to find out whether he would be able to continue with his medical career, to which the new mayor said that, despite all the great obligations that come with being a mayor he would try to find time for his patients too.

The new deputy mayor Goran Vesic told reporters that the victory at 4th March election was “magnificent”, and that the policy they had advocated now had representatives who would make decisions and implement the programme in the city. He also added that Dragan Djilas, the former mayor, “did not want to comment at all during the Assembly session”.

Djilas, however, told reporters that, in the City Assembly, he would represent citizens who did not vote for the current city government.

(RTS, 07.06.2018)




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