Zlatiborac passing meat rejects as real meat

Salami, sausages and hot dogs, produced by the Zlatiborac Company, contain a large amount of grinded bones that are full of heavy metals, antibiotics and hormones because the bones come from mechanically-separated meat (MSM).

In Europe, MSM is considered meat waste and it is not even used for dog and cat food.

As the Alo daily officially found out from the Serbian Customs Administration, Zlatiborac imported exactly 550,243 kilogrammes of MSM in the period of one year. The company, which is one of the most prominent cured meat producers in Serbia, imports the meat of the worst category and pays for it much less than it would have for a better quality meat.

But that’s not all! Then they process this low-quality meat, add it to their salami, sausages and hot dogs, and sell it at a higher price.

Former head of the State Veterinary Inspection, Dr. Miroslav Stojšić, has already warned about the harmfulness of MSM. It was him who claimed a while ago that salami, sausages and pâtés made from MSM were full of heavy metals, antibiotics, hormones and other poisons that the animal has eaten during their lifetime.

He also pointed out that the mechanically-separated meat is found mostly in poultry-based products, as well as in some other products. The reason for this is that chicken bones are thin, brittle and easily crushed so it becomes very difficult to separate meat from them in a precise fashion. Substances like heavy metals, antibiotics and hormones are mostly detained in chicken bones. So, the standard practice is that everything (bones, meat, coccyx glands, necks) are all grounded together.

While the Western countries have long banned the use of such mixture in products for human consumption, a lot of this meat waste ends up in Serbia, thanks to Zlatiborac, as well as other dry-cured meat producers that use MSM, which the Alo daily will report about in the following issues.

In the EU, MSM is even banned from use in cat and dog food.

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(Alo, 06.02.2019)


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