Zlatara Majdanpek resumes operations – 200 new jobs

Entrepreneur Dejan Popović became the owner of the Majdanpek Company, consisting of Zlatara Majdanpek and Megaplast Donji Milanovac, last October.

He announced that the production in Megaplast would be launched shortly and that the company would employ 200 workers.

Back in the day, Majdanpek had 2,000 workers, while Zlatara Majdanpek (Majdanpek gold-smelting plant) was one of the iconic brands of the former Yugoslavia. The company went bankrupt in 2016, when the last 340 workers lost their jobs, and then was sold in early October last year to the Belgrade-based company Karnak Plus Construction, owned by Dejan Popović.

The company’s initial price at the public tender was 129.7 million dinars and was ultimately sold for 185 million dinars, or about 1.6 million euros.

“The main prerequisites for purchasing the company were that it should not be segmented, that none of its assets should be sold separately and that the company’s property should remain as it once was,” Popović said.

He added that the Bankruptcy Administration did a good job, because both the company’s assets and machinery are in good shape. The facilities are in such a state that the production can start immediately after the relevant contract is signed.

“Now, all we need to do is to move forward and restore the company to its full capacity. We are not going to sell off anything. Everything must be put in operation just like before,” he concluded.

(Danas, 27.03.2022)




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