Zijin sold close to 6 tonnes of gold to NBS

The Chinese-Serbian company, Zijin Cooper, which operates in Eastern Serbia, sold to the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) 5.47 tonnes of gold in three and a half years, said the company.

Serbia Zijin Cooper added that, in the first six months of the current year, it produced, sold and delivered to the NBS 852 kg of gold.

In line with Serbian laws, the total amount of gold produced must first be offered to the NBS for purchase and only if the central bank refuses to purchase it at the market price, a company can ask the government for a permit to export.

Zijin also said that that is the first time that the gold produced in Serbia actually remained in the country.

According to the latest World Gold Council (WGC) reports, with 38.1 tonnes of gold bars, Serbia is the leading country in the region and is ranked 54th on the list of the countries with the biggest gold reserves.

(Nova, 06.07.2022)






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