Zijin announces opening of a new air filtering facility on its premises

A new, “revolutionary” facility, which will filter all the fugitive waste gas from Zijin’s metalworking facilities and the Sulfuric Acid Factory which will result in the factory’s chimney letting out entirely clean air, should soon be built at the Bor Smelter, as announced by Zijin Copper.

“The new facility will mark a new stage of our operations, during which all the waste fugitive gases from the smelter and the sulfuric acid factory will be filtered and the emission of harmful gasses from the chimney will be drastically reduced, practically annulled”, said the manager of the Sulfuric Acid Factory, Zoran Aleksov. He added that the air filtering facility would use a brand new technology, which has already been implemented in China and produced good results.

Following the technical overhaul, the emission of exhaust gases will be in line with the standards, the wastewater will be fit for reuse after it is filtered and the EU standards will be met, Zijin promises.

The planned capacity of the flue and waste gas processing plant is 700,000 cubic metres per hour, the sulfur dioxide content of the waste gases will be less than 100 micrograms per cubic metre after treatment, and the particle content will be below five micrograms per normal cubic metre, Zijin said in a press release.

In September of last year, the Bor municipal administration filed a criminal complaint against Zijin which has been causing excessive sulfur dioxide pollution harmful to the health of the population.

The criminal charges were signed by the mayor of Bor, Aleksandar Milikić, and refer to the managers of the Bor copper smelter, which operates as part of the Chinese company, Zijin.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (SEPA) measuring stations recorded excessive sulfur dioxide (SO2) pollution in Bor for three days in September 2020, and the excessive pollution was registered almost every day for nearly two years following the Serbian government selling the Bor Smelting Company (RTB Bor) to its strategic partner Zijin, while remaining co-owner of a 37% share in the company.

(eKapija, 29.07.2021)




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