Zelenovic: “There is a way to beat Vucic”

Head of the political movement, Zajedno za Srbiju (Together for Serbia), Nebojsa Zelenovic, said that the opposition parties should do everything in their power to create a platform useful for negotiations with the authorities on the election conditions.

“I believe that the group of opposition parties, including Zajedno za Srbiju, is close to harmonizing the text with the Assembly of Free Serbia. The EU and the U.S. administration want to help us improve things in Serbia. But, in order for someone to help you, you have to help yourself first,” Zelenovic added.

He also said that holding primaries among the opposition, an idea recently put forward by the Assembly of Free Serbia, would be “a way for the opposition in Serbia to get serious international support before the meeting with the authorities, if the opposition decides to select election candidates in that way”.

“The primaries are a way for people in Serbia to start deciding on important things in politics again,” Zelenovic underlined.

“The government has robbed citizens of free and fair elections. But no-one can stop us from holding elections on who will be appointed to ‘fight’ against government in the election. Candidates could be nominated by parties, movements and civil groups, by anyone they want,” Zelenovic concluded.

(Nova, 01.03.2021)


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