Billy Idol as the main star of this year’s Zajecar Guitar Fest

The main stars of this year’s 52nd Gitarijada, which takes place from 28th to 30th June in Zajecar, are the famous British rocker, Billy Idol and a renowned heavy metal band which name is being kept a secret for now.

The blonde rebel will have a concert in Zajecar as part of his European tour. Apart from this British mega star, who has sold 40 million records, and a British band, which name will be announced a bit later, there will be a plethora of Serbian and regional musicians performing at this guitar fest including –  Partibrejkers, Psihomodopop, Dejan Cukic & Spori Ritam Bend, Galija, Hadzi Prodane Duse, Neverne Bebe, Nikola Cuturilo-Cutura and KI, last year’s winners of the Gitarijada.

There will also be a competition at which ten bands will battle for the main prize. Despite big names coming to this year’s Gitarijada, the event’s organizing committee says that the festival will cost less than previous years.

“We have raised the bar in terms of the quality of performers, but as far as we are concerned, we have also tried to raise the quality in an organizational sense. We have drafted the Gitarijada Rule Book which stipulates who does what. This year’s Gitarijada will cost much less than the previous ones”, says Vladimir Djuricic, adding that the Zajecar Culture Centre provided 12 million dinars for the event, while the remaining 30 million came from various sponsors.

 Gitarijada is the oldest rock festival in Serbia and this year, it will be held the Kraljevica forest. The space has already been arranged, and bungalows, where the festival participants will stay, have been built. The plan is also to finish the preparation for the construction of a rock museum in Zajecar by 30th June, and for Billy Idol to lay the foundation for the museum.

(Danas, 07.05.2018)

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