Zajecar: Construction of wind farm abandoned?

It seems that the preliminary contract on construction of a 100-mln-EUR wind farm near the town of Zajecar, signed by the local authorities and the Vision Group Balkan – Vision Sword consortium in March 2016, has fallen through.

The Czech company and the lead investor, Vision Group 21 has withdrawn from the project all together because the local authorities in Zajecar had not been able to secure big enough electricity quotas for the wind farm of this size.

Zajecar did have a quota suitable for a 36MW farm, while the Czech company and its consortium partners insisted on increasing the wind farm’s capacity to 60MW for which they already had appropriate technology and the funds.

Barbara Bartokova from Vision Group 21 confirms that that was the real reason why the company had withdrawn from the project, and added that the company was willing to re-launch the project should Zajecar succeed in securing a quota fitting for a 60MW wind farm. She also said that the local authorities in Zajecar were free to find another investor to implement the project with.

However, Zajecar’s mayor, Velimir Ognjanovic hopes that not everything is lost. He also says that Zajecar had been assigned a 36.4MW quote and was waiting for a quote for an additional 24MW which was subsequently given to another town.

The local authorities in Zajecar are now waiting for the Ministry of Energy to announce allocation of new quotas to apply for a 60MW one, and launch a new tender for construction of the wind farm.

(eKapija, 08.02.2017)

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