YUTA: ‘No restrictions on foreign travel planned for now’

The director of the Serbian Travel Agency Association (YUTA), Aleksandar Senicic, said that no significant travel restrictions, be it abroad or in Serbia, due to the coronavirus, were envisaged until the end of the current tourist season.

He said that, for now, restrictions would not be imposed, not at least until 1st October, although some countries, such as Cyprus, have revised their lists of safe countries and consequently put Serbia on the red list.

However, as Senicic says, this is not expected in countries where Serbian citizens spend their summers most often, such as Greece, Turkey, Montenegro, Egypt… “I hope we will finish this season without any restrictions,” he adds.

Asked whether the third dose of the vaccine is expected to be added to the list of conditions for entry into some countries, Senicic said that it remained to be seen, but that he expects countries that accept the third dose to decide to include it as one of the mitigating circumstances for entry into those states.

“It is clear that Europe and the world are moving in the direction whereby vaccinated people have privileges than unvaccinated don’t,” Senicic said, adding that this refers to attendance at various cultural and sports events, but also travel.

Asked by the journalist why, although vaccinated in Serbia with one of the vaccines, she cannot enter cultural institutions due to the type of vaccine she was inoculated with, Senicic said that that was a bit illogical but underlined that vaccine protocols have been updated and now the EU accepts both Russian and Chinese vaccines.

However, in some countries, such as France and Austria, people cannot go to cultural and entertainment events and institutions without first producing a PCR test or a vaccination certificate.

(Nova, 19.08.2021)



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