Yura’s workers to stage a series of strikes

Higher wages, higher meal allowance and improved toilet hygiene at the company are just some of the demands that Yura’s trade union has put forward, while announcing a series of strikes.  

On Friday and Monday, Yura’s workers will go on strike for one hour, while on Tuesday, the strike will last the whole day, reports Juzne Vesti website today.

The trade union has also said that it’s been two weeks since they requested a meeting with the company’s management and nothing happened so far. They say that their demands include a 20% salary increase and that the workers are paid when on sick leave, as that is not the case now.

There have been widespread reports about mistreatment of Yura’s employees by the company management. Beating workers with metal sticks if they bend over while working, ordering them to wear nappies so they don’t waste time going to the toilet, asking them to do unpaid extra hours or work on public holidays, and firing them for arguing – these are just some of the complaints that employees of Yura, a South Korean company based in the town of Leskovac, raised.

Yura has declined to comment on the alleged violations of workplace rights.

Zeljko Veselinovic, the president of the association of Serbian trade unions, Sloga, told BIRN that unfair labour legislation and slow-moving employment tribunals are the key reasons why Serbian workers cannot get protection from bullying tactics by management.

“The labour legislation is very flexible and allows employers to fire people easily. Serbia has one of the worst labour laws in Europe. Also, the judiciary is extremely slow. Labour disputes go on for several years which prevents people from even starting to fight for their rights,” Veselinovic said.

(021.rs, 07.06.2024)


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