Yura workers end the strike – no response from the company’s management

The employees of Yura’s plant in Leskovac have ended their strike.

“The factory’s management has been trying to intimidate the workers, they threatened them and even offered them better positions if they give up on their demands”, says Srđan Atanasovski, a member of the employee negotiation team.

He noted that at 10:00 a.m. the strike committee had a meeting with Yura’s trade union, which supported the workers in the fight for their rights.

After 24 hours, the strike committee made a decision to end the strike, but several hundred employees who have been on strike since June 7, announced that they would continue to fight for their rights.

“Our strategy is designed not to exhaust the workers, but to cause damage to the employer over a long period, in order to force them to negotiate”, Atanasovski said and added that the management did not respond to any of the workers’ demands.

Atanasovski added that two more strikes were scheduled (one for 21st June and another one on 25th June).

To remind, Yura’s workers demands include a 20% salary increase, higher meal allowance, more hygienic working conditions and that the workers are paid when on sick leave. There have been widespread reports about mistreatment of Yura’s employees by the company management. Beating workers with metal sticks if they bend over while working, ordering them to wear nappies so they don’t waste time going to the toilet, asking them to do unpaid extra hours or work on public holidays, and firing them for arguing

(Nova, 20.06.2024)


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