YURA to relocate part of production from Leskovac to Albania?

The Yura factory, which opened in Leskovac in 2012, which had been given state subsidies of around EUR 7,000 for each newly created job, and provided guarantees that there would be no layoffs over the next five years, will relocate a part of its production from Leskovac to Albania.

The rumours allegedly proved true about a week ago, following an official announcement by the South Korean company. According to the employees from the Leskovac plant, 350 of them will lose their jobs, in the first stage of relocation.

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According to the management, the entire production of floor installation cables, where around 1,500 employees are currently working, will move to Albania.

“Workers fear for their jobs, but the managers are trying to reassure them that not everyone will lose their jobs but only 350 employees, namely those workers who were on sick leave frequently and failed to keep up with the production plan”, says a YURA worker who chose to be anonymous.

In addition to this one, YURA has built another factory for around 500 people in Leskovac. The managers claim that some of the 1,000 or 1,500 workers from this factory would be transferred to the new factory, whereas others would be moved to other jobs within the existing factory.

“The management expressed their sorry over having to lay off 350 people from the factory and congratulated the rest of us on staying and continuing to work for them”, the worker said.

Another worker, a head of a shift, says that the promises of the Korean company are to be taken with a grain of salt and that these 350 workers will not be the only ones to lose their jobs.

YURA is also expected to open a new, highly sophisticated factory in a matter of days, where up to 1,000 people from Leskovac will find employment

Jugmedija has been trying to reach YURA’s management for comment via phone, but without much success.

(Jugmedija, 22.09.2018)



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