Yura: No relocation to Albania and no layoffs

The Yura Company has denied the media allegations about their relocating a part of the production from Serbia to Albania in a statement for the Danas daily.

In the official statement, Yura said that there would be no layoffs at the company and that there were no plans to move a part of the production to Albania.

Instead of laying off workers, Yura is building a new facility in Leskovac that will employ an additional 700 workers.

Yura opened a factory that manufactures cables for the auto industry in Leskovac in 2012, two years after the company opened its first of the four factories in Raca, Serbia. Yura received state subsidies for new jobs which averaged EUR 7,000 per each new employee. Some media reported, citing Jugmedija, that the Leskovac branch plans to lay off 350 workers.

The construction of another Jura factory in Leskovac was announced three years ago which should employ another 1,000 new workers. The factory’s new plant was built on the part of the land of the bankrupt company Jugekspres, which the town of Leskovac gave to Yura without compensation. In return, Yura gave guarantees that the company would employ another 1,000 new workers by 2013, and that, in the next five years, they would not reduce the number of employees.

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Yura came to Serbia in 2010, and besides Leskovac, it has two factories – in Nis and Raca, near Kragujevac. The company has between 6,000 and 7,000 workers in Serbia.

Mayor of Leskovac Goran Cvetanovic says that the South Korean company is obliged under contract to keep all its employees by 2021.

“Another 200 workers will have been employed at Yura’s existing plants by the end of the year, as well as 750 workers in the fourth plant”, Cvetanovic said.

“You could have a look at the contract we concluded with Yura, as it was displayed for the public on our website for a whole a year and a half. The contract, which is valid by 2021, states that Yura is obliged to keep all the employees. In addition, another 200 workers will be employed in existing factories by the end of 2018, plus another 750 workers in the fourth plant”, Cvetanovic added.

“So, in the next year, when the fourth factory is finished, we expect another 1,000 new jobs to be created in the company, in addition to the existing 2,500”, claims Cvetanovic.

The first time Yura received negative press in Serbia was two and a half years ago when Yura’s workers from Nis complained about a bad situation in the company, i.e. the ban on going to the toilet, short breaks, and verbal mistreatment by the managers. Part of the workers, mostly former ones, sued the company for maltreatment. Despite months of the relentless media coverage, Yura did not allow the formation of trade unions in their factories.

(Danas, 24.09.2018)




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