Yura extends production shutdown to last until the end of this week

Yura’s manufacturing facility in Rača, which stopped production on March 26 due to the coronavirus pandemic, was supposed to start production today but has decided to extend the shutdown until the end of this week, the company told Beta.

As Yura said, the decision to suspend the production was made because the production process entails the workers standing close to each other.

The company said that they would closely follow the situation and the state’s measures and reach further decisions accordingly.

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There’s a possibility of launching minimal production operations in line with all the proscribed measures of employee protection.

The company’s administrative staff are still working but are keeping the prescribed physical distance.

As Beta learns unofficially, Yura’s workers showed at the factory this morning, but didn’t want to work, so the company decided to extend the suspension of the production activities and sent the first-shift workers back home.

Yura’s factory in Rača has 2,500 workers and one person was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

(021.rs, 06.04.2020)


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