Yugoslav Film Archive: 70 films for 70th birthday

The official celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Yugoslav Film Archive (Jugoslovenska Kinoteka) will start on 6th June, by the renowned Balkan film directors, Goran Paskaljevic, Goran Markovic, Srdjan Karanovic, Rajko Grlic and Lordan Zafranovic being given the Golden Seal of the Yugoslav Film Archive for their contribution to the art of film and by Orson Welles’ film “The Other Side of the Wind” opening the 21st Nitrate Film Festival.

This year’s Nitrate Film Festival will be held under the slogan “70 films for 70 years”. It will last until June 16 and during the Festival, a total of 70 films stored at 30 different film archives, cinemas and related institutions will be screened.

The festival will begin with the screening of the movie “The Other Side of the Wind”, which Orson Welles made in the former Yugoslavia in the 1970s. The film was finished only recently and it premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

For more information about the Festival’s programme, please click here.

(Blic, 03.06.2019)


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