YouTubers and social media influencers in Serbia to start paying taxes on their earnings

People who generate income from abroad but live in Serbia, and have not paid taxes on that income, should report their earnings without the Tax Administration having to control and remind them.

The Tax Administration stated in a note that, based on the data of foreign remittances and their comparison with the tax returns presented on the calculated and paid taxes on individual income, they found a grave non-compliance with the existing tax regulations.

Individuals who earn their income from YouTube or by being social media influencers or by betting online or are software developers who work from home, as well as property owners who rent their property on a day-to-day basis have mostly failed to comply with the relevant tax regulations.

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According to the Tax Administration, their revenue is generated on the basis of the provision of various types of services and most often, these involve software development, translation, holding online foreign language courses, promotion and graphic design.

The Police Department invites these individuals to independently regulate their tax obligations before proceedings are initiated by the tax authorities, in order to avoid liability for failing to pay tax.

“People who earn income from abroad, but have not fulfilled their obligations relating to the payment of taxes and wage contributions, should settle their obligations before the tax inspection initiates relevant proceedings” , the Tax Administration said.

For more information, these individuals can call  011-33-10-111 or 0700-700-007, or inquire at any Tax Administration branch.

(B92, 13.10.2020)

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