Youth violence in Serbia

A new study on youth violence in Belgrade provides insight into the seriousness of the problem that young girls face today.

Conducted in several elementary and high schools in Belgrade, the research aimed to better understand the level of awareness of violence, the availability of relevant resources and the effectiveness of current support systems.

The research shows very alarming trends whereby almost half of the surveyed girls (47.6 percent) confirm that they have experienced some form of violence. Analysis of data by age shows a significant increase in violence after the age of 15, with a peak of 85 percent in the 19-year-old age group.

The research results additionally show that there is significant room for improvement in the support system for victims of violence. Although most of the surveyed girls declare that they would turn to someone in case they experience violence (71.8 percent), there are also those girls who are unsure (24.1 percent) or would not ask for help (4.1 percent). These findings emphasize the need to strengthen support systems, as well as educate young people about available resources and channels for help.

According to the results, almost 80 percent of young girls are not familiar with the Čuvam Te online platform, which is intended to provide support and protection to young people.

The research also highlights the importance of family in dealing with violence. While most young girls have a good relationship with their parents, there are a significant number who do not open up or feel comfortable discussing personal issues with their parents. This indicates the need to fortify family ties, promote open communication and build trust.

(Vreme, 16.11.2023)

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