Youngest pupils to attend school as usual, older ones will mix it with online classes

The government’s Crisis Response Team has decided that first to fourth-grade pupils will attend school as usual from January 24, while middle school students will combine regular classes with online ones.

The same goes for high school students, the Serbian Education Ministry has announced.

Education Minister Branko Ružić said that the decision was made after a detailed analysis of all parameters and data from the relevant institutions and that it was the best solution for both students and teachers.

He also stated that it is important to maintain the continuity of the educational process while respecting all epidemiological measures, and added that the Crisis Response Team will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions on a weekly basis.

According to the Ministry, during the stay in the school, from the moment of entry into the schoolyard until the exit from the schoolyard, the use of protective masks is mandatory for all employees, students and other staff.

According to the data collated by the Milan Jovanović Batut Public Health Institute, in the week of January 12 to 19, there were 3,074 (0.4%) sick children of school age, i.e. from 6 to 18 years old. The percentage of school children infected with the coronavirus in the total number of confirmed cases in the same period was 2.8.

(Politika, 20.01.2022)


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