Young Serbian innovators create a system that saves 40% of electricity

Young Serbian innovator Igor Jovanovic and the first religious education teacher to receive the St. Sava Award, Milos Jeftic, developed a system that saves about 40% of electricity in a year, as confirmed by data collated by the national electricity provider, Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS).

The innovative project was presented to the Belgrade officials, where talks on its implementation in the capital began.

It all started three years ago when the two together, with their technical associated called Dejan from the village of Deronje, decided to merge their ideas into one and thus came up with the smog eliminator project, consisting of three parts: heating systems for small buildings, such as apartments and houses, heating systems for large buildings, such as warehouses and factories, and charging stations for all types of electric vehicles, focusing mainly on electric city buses.

In 2019, they developed an energy-saving prototype, a special mechatronic system installed in thermal storage furnaces and electric boilers, the largest consumers of electricity in Serbian homes in the winter season. They did this with the help of funds they received from the award they won for the best technological innovation since they had suggested that increased air pollution could lead to the spread of respiratory diseases.

The system, which stores electricity even at night when the price of electricity is lower, was then the springboard for the continuation of the Smog Eliminator project. The team of innovators is currently developing an affordable solution for households that heat with gas and unique solutions for generating electricity using gravity and connecting buildings to renewable energy sources.

The importance of these innovations has also been recognized by the Belgrade authorities, so the young innovators had talks with the capital’s mayor, Zoran Radojicic last week about developing their project further. At the meeting, it was agreed in principle to launch a pilot project in the coming days just in Belgrade.

“So far, we have developed a small innovation and this is a small prototype that can provide immediate savings. However, we want to create a large bottling plant, which requires a substantial investment, and we, as students and university professors, are not able to invest so much money, as we have already spent a lot of our personal money and the money we got from various awards in our innovations. There is a possibility that the savings will be even greater if we make a large-scale prototype. It would cost several thousand euros to make, but the possibility of saving energy would actually make the investment worthwhile,” Igor Jovanovic said.

At the meeting with the Belgrade authorities, the young innovator also discussed the possibility of international cooperation between the Serbian team and foreign companies, with the mediation of the Belgrade authorities, which could lead to further development of the electricity-saving system and the construction of green houses in Serbia.

(Sputnik News, 30.01.2022)

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