Young people in Serbia much more conservative than previous generations

The Youth Human Rights Initiative has said that only 21% of young people in Serbia have a positive attitude towards the EU and that 44% of them think that democracy is the best form of the political system.

On the occasion of 12th August, International Youth Day, the Initiative assessed that young people in Serbia today are “much more conservative and closed-minded than their parents and grandparents”.

“They are the least vaccinated, they believe the least in democracy, they are the most Eurosceptic. The worrying fact is that only 45% of young people support the idea of a lasting peace with the Kosovo Albanians, while 55% do not support it or are not sure about it,” the Initiative’s press release reads.

It is estimated that “it is no coincidence” that the generation born during or after the wars in the former Yugoslavia, “is by far the most belligerent in its attitudes and that this is a direct consequence of the fact that the public space, the educational system and the media have become toxic. On the International Youth Day, we would like to send out a warning that young people pay the highest price from incitement to war and that there is a huge danger that this price will be even higher if Serbia continues to sink into authoritarianism, aggressive nationalism and regional conflict with other countries,” the statement adds.

(, 12.08.2021)


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