You can fly to a European destination for as little as EUR 15

Igor is a travel blogger who has visited 36 countries and always has interesting tips for anyone planning to travel. He recently made a list of 10 destinations in Europe you can fly to from Niš and Kraljevo airports for very little money.

The prices are for one-way tickets with hand luggage. These tickets have been on sale since 6 July and may sell out very quickly.

Niš – Malta for 15 euros

The price refers to the flight on 1 August, which is the peak of the season. If you still don’t know where to go on your summer holiday, here is the ideal opportunity to visit this beautiful Mediterranean island.

Niš – Milan for 11 euros

If you want to go to Italy this summer, you have this cheap flight from Niš on 4 August. Milan is the capital of fashion and a magical city that has something to offer in every season.

Niš – Corfu for 18 euros

One of the most beautiful Greek islands in the Ionian Sea is always a good holiday destination. The flight is on 10 August.

Niš – Vienna for 16 euros

The Austrian capital has repeatedly been chosen as the best city in the world to live in. This is a good reason to go to Vienna on 2 August.

Niš – Athens for 49 euros

The flight leaves on 14 August. Athens has a special charm and is a great starting point for a Greek adventure.

Niš – Malmö for 42 euros

Summer is the ideal time to visit the cooler north of Europe. A flight departing on 25 August will take you to one of the continent’s neatest countries.

Niš – Istanbul for 70 euros or Kraljevo – Istanbul for 56 euros

At the end of summer, flying on 25 August from Niš or 23 August from Kraljevo, you have a great opportunity to feel the chaotic spirit of the Turkish city of 1,000 mosques. Istanbul is also a famous shopping destination.

Niš – Tivat for 29 euros

A holiday in Montenegro is somehow always the easiest to organise and flying there is much more comfortable than going by car or bus. The plane takes off on 13 August.

Kraljevo – Thessaloniki for 46 euros

On 2 August, you can fly from Kraljevo to the second biggest city in Greece. Thessaloniki has much more to offer besides shopping, and it is really worth exploring.

(Nova, 12.07.2022)

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