Yoko Ono invites women in Serbia to take part in her exhibition

As a part of the upcoming 57th October Salon, the largest regional exhibition of contemporary art, to be held in Belgrade from 15th September to 28th October, Yoko Ono will stage her exhibition called “Arising” and is inviting Serbian women who have been victims of gender violence to a part of it.

“Women of all ages, from all the countries of the world! We invite you to send your testimony about the evil things that were done to you just because you are a woman. Write it in your own language, write it your own words and write as openly as you like. You can sign your name at the end of it, if you want but you don’t need to state your surname. Just send a photo of your eyes. The testimonies of suffering and the images of the eyes will be incorporated in to my exhibition “Arising” that will be staged from 15th September to 28th October, 2018 at the 57th October Salon called “Miracle Cacophony” in Belgrade. The “Arising” exhibition continues to grow and will be staged in many countries. I really hope you will decide to participate” – Yoko Ono wrote.

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With this letter, directed exclusively to women, Yoko Ono offers catharsis and the possibility of healing for women whose bodies and souls were submitted to the acts of gender aggression. They are given the opportunity to communicate their stories through a public statement, written in the first person.

Women who want to participate can bring their testimonials and photos of their eyes personally or send them by post to the following address: BUĐENjE / ARISING OCTOBER SALON, Kulturni centar Beograda, Knez Mihailova 6 / I, Beograd, Srbija or via e-mail to [email protected] .

At the upcoming October Salon we will have the opportunity to see the famous artists such as Takashi Murakami, Anselm Kiefer, Vladimir Velickovic, Tom Saks, Sidney Sherman, Larry Bell, Dusan Otasevic, Helen Marten and many others.

(Blic, 02.07.2018)


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