Yazaki starts hiring workers for its new plant in Sabac

The Japanese company Yazaki will open a new factory in Sabac soon. So far, the company has employed over 300 people, with an additional 100 to find employment here in May and June.

– We will employ another 100 people in the next month and a half. Most of them will work in the production, whereas 24 jobs are meant for experts in various fields and administration staff.  We are going to conclude permanent job contracts with all of our employees after a 6-month-probation period. Furthermore, the workers will be given an opportunity to advance considerably, as most of the new job positions will offered first to the people who already work for us. So far, 10 job positions have been filled this way, which means that certain employees will be promoted after working only three months here – says Milos Davidovic, HR manager at Yazaki Serbia.

The construction of the new factory in Sabac started last year, and it will span 30,000 m2. The factory will be producing electronic components for trucks, and training courses for all employees have been secured at Yazaki factories throughout the world. The grand opening of this factory has been announced for September 2017.

– In order to meet the very high standards of the quality of employee training in the Yazaki Group, all our employees were obliged to pass certain kinds of training organized in Yazaki factories in the Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Tunisia and Morocco. The Training Center is also being built in the factory in Sabac, and it will open in June. The new workers will be trained various jobs here – Davidovic says and adds that “by the end of the year, we will have trained and employed over 700 people, whereas our long-term goal is to have 1,700 employees by the end of 2019”.

Yazaki is a leading global producer of car cables, with over 200 factories and 290,000 workers throughout the world.

(eKapija, 29.05.2017)





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