Yanyun: 500 Chinese businessmen coming to Serbia

Sun Yanyun from the Chinese International Chamber of Commerce said that the Chamber would organize a forum in Belgrade, and bring over 500 Chinese businessmen here to get better acquainted with Serbia’s potential, especially in tourism and construction.

“Serbia is a very important country for us in terms of the One Belt, One Road plan”, said Mr. Yanyun at the meeting with the head of the Serbian National Council for Coordination of Cooperation with Russia and China, Tomislav Nikolic.

The Chinese official also reminded that the Chinese International Chamber of Commerce has over 500 members, small and large enterprises, including corporations like Alibaba and Geely.

“In order to see all the possibilities stemming from cooperation with Serbia, we are going to organize a forum in Belgrade and bring over 500 business people from China”, Sun Yanyun said.

“Serbia has all prerequisites for manufacturing goods for any market, Chinese included”, Nikolic said and added that there were a lot of business opportunities for Chinese construction companies in Serbia. “There are roads that need to be built here. Also, constructing the Belgrade-Budapest railroad is of extreme importance to us. We are also considering modernizing and revitalizing other railroads, particularly the Belgrade-Sarajevo one”, Tomislav Nikolic explained.

He also reminded that Serbia and China could cooperate in infrastructure, transport, energy, tourism and food production. Apart from that, Serbia’s tourism holds a great potential, especially its spas and other similar tourist facilities.

(RTS, 27.07.2017)


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