Yandex looking to double the number of its employees in Serbia

The Russian IT giant Yandex plans to double the number of employees in Serbia by the year end and does not exclude the possibility of expanding the range of services on our market.

This month, the company found itself in the centre of attention after local media published information about the opening of Yandex’s office in Belgrade. Although certain media outlets might give the impression that this is an office that has just opened, Yandex has been using the premises in Vojvode Bojovića Boulevard in the Belgrade neighbourhood of Dorćol for some time now.

When the Serbian government officially announced the opening of Yandex’s development centre in Serbia last autumn, it was said that it would employ “more than 800 engineers who will work on the latest IT solutions.” Prime Minister Ana Brnabić then assessed that this undertaking – which followed the opening of the development centre and a branch of the Swiss company Luxoft – will boost the country’s economic growth.

Meanwhile, Yandex has employed more than 1,000 people here. “Our goal is to have over 2,000 employees by the end of the year,” said the press service of the Russian company.

Even before the local media reported on the opening of the largest international office in the Serbian capital, part of the public speculated that, due to sanctions due to the war in Ukraine, the “Russian Google” could move its operations to our country, but the company has no plans for doing such a thing.

“We chose Serbia to open an office because of the size of our presence, favourable business environment and strong local talent in the country. We are constantly looking for qualified professionals and are ready to provide employment opportunities for the local population, as well as for expatriates,” they said.

(Bloomberg Adria, 04.07.2023)

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