World Press Freedom Index:”Serbia the worst country in the former Yugoslavia”

Serbia has progressed on the World Press Freedom Index and is categorized as problematic in 79th place among the 180 countries listed by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) but still ranks lowest among the countries of the Western Balkans.

According to the 2022 World Press Freedom Index rankings, Serbia has advanced 14 places but its average grade was lower – 61.51 compared to 67.97 in 2021.

Serbia is ranked lower than the other countries of the region (all of which are in the problematic category) on this year’s index except for Albania which is ranked 103rd – Slovenia is 54th, North Macedonia 57th, Kosovo 61st, Montenegro 63rd, Bosnia-Herzegovina 67th.

The most influential media outlets include the public broadcaster RTS and the independent television network N1, as well as several tabloids, RSF said.

Norway remains at the top of the World Press Freedom Index in Europe, as it is still in 1st place. It is a surprise that Estonia took 4th place and Lithuania 9th. These are two former communist countries that are now in the top 10 in terms of media freedom, while the Netherlands, which was previously in the top 10, is now in 28th place. Greece is in 108th place and has replaced Bulgaria (91st) in last place in Europe. The report also states that repression of journalists has intensified in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The World Press Freedom Index ranks the 180 countries it monitored in one of five categories – good, satisfactory, problematic, difficult and very serious.

(N1, 03.05.2022)

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