World-famous pianist Lola Astanova to perform in Belgrade

The world-famous Russian-American pianist Lola Astanova will perform on June 1, at 8 pm, in Belgrade’s Mts Dvorana.

The pianist, unique in her musical expression and known for her innovative audio-visual performance on the piano, has a large number of fans around the world, will perform in Belgrade for the first time.

Astanova, who is now considered one of the most sought-after female pianists around the world, began her musical journey at the age of eight, and has achieved what critics describe as “superior piano technique combined with deep musical sensuality and a unique sense of fashion.”

Tickets for the concert (prices range from 2,800 dinars to 8,500 dinars for VIP stands) are available for purchase at Mts Dvorana’s box office and on the website.

(City Magazine, 16.03.2023)

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