World Bank report: In Balkans, unemployment highest in Kosovo and lowest in Serbia and Albania

In a report compiled by the World Bank and the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies on trends in labour markets in the Western Balkans for 2018, it is noted that unemployment in Kosovo is the highest in the Balkans, as it stands at 29 percent.

The report also notes that in the Western Balkan countries the average unemployment rate fell from 16.2 percent to 15.3 percent, according to estimates by the two institutions – Beta news agency reports.

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The unemployment rate ranges from 12 percent in Albania and Serbia to 29 percent in Kosovo. Also, the employment rate among young people has improved.

The report goes on to say the region faces a substantial long-term reduction in unemployment, from 1.5 million unemployed in 2011 to 776,000 in the second quarter of 2018.

Regardless of these positive developments, the unemployment rate remains double or triple in comparison to the countries of the European Union.

Women are still the least represented in labour markets, but “almost half of the increase in employment is attributed to women,” the report said.

Furthermore, the report states that the employment rate among young people is improving, an average of 50 per cent of young people works on fixed-term contracts.

(Al Jazeera, 19.03.2019)

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