World Bank Praises Serbia as a Safe Country for Investments

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said in Washington that Serbia was commended by the World Bank for economic reforms as a sign that it is a safe country for investments.

Vucic said yesterday after talks with Director of the World Bank W that the World Bank is satisfied with what Serbia has done and added that there are no outstanding issues and differences in attitudes between our country and that financial institution, but that there is still a lot of hard work to do.

The Prime Minister quoted the words of World Bank Regional Director for South East Europe Ellen Goldstein, who said that Serbia, if it continues with reforms regardless of the gravity of the situation, it will soon become by far the most promising country in the region.

This is not an insignificant boost up, so we should work hard and well, and I am sure that we will have the World Bank as a good partner, he added. He said that with the heads of the World Bank talked about finding partners within the framework of a public-private partnership for the Airport “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade, Agricultural Combine Belgrade (PKB), as well as solving the problem of non-performing loans, particularly in Farmakom.

Also, Vucic said that the reforms in Serbia as well concrete problems were discussed, and how to restore the entrepreneurial spirit and strong work habits, as well as the training and preparation of future generations for the work and development of private businesses.

The Prime Minister said that he and representatives of the World Bank also touched on the program for early childhood development, which is being developed in partnership of the World Bank, Novak Djokovic Foundation and the government of Serbia.

Vucic said that Serbia now has the opportunity to position itself for the next 50 years as a state that protects European values and the values of modern mankind, stressing that Serbia enjoys a growing reputation in the world because it is a reliable partner that meets all that it is agreed.

The Prime Minister’s visit continues with his participation in the economic forum, organised by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, which brought together more than 20 US companies interested in investing in Serbia.

(RTS, 16.09.2015)



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