Working group to investigate why fewer students are enrolling in state universities

Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Goran Roglić, confirmed that a working group was formed at the University of Belgrade, with the task of analysing the drastic drop in the number of students studying at state universities in recent years.

Roglić also said that the working group should prepare a meeting of the extended rector’s collegium, which will probably be held in February, and which will examine the reasons for the decline in the number of students at Belgrade University.

Following this year’s enrollment, there were 3,034 vacant places at the University of Belgrade, which is 13.5 times more than ten years ago (226 places). Also, the number of freshmen at all state faculties last year was 26,957, which is the lowest number of students enrolled in the last ten years.

On the other hand, it seems that private faculties do not have these problems. The academic and general public agree that one of the reasons for the popularity of private faculties is that the graduates can later enrol in master’s or doctoral studies at state universities.

Professors from the University of Belgrade also cite other factors that led to the drop in enrollment – a bad demographic picture, the decreasing number of high school graduates, the cost of living in Belgrade, the departure of a part of future academics abroad for studies, as well as easier curriculum at private faculties which allows students to work and study at the same time.

(, 30.01.2024)

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