Working from home has reduced the cost of using resources by 20%

It has been estimated that working from home has reduced the cost of using various resources by at least 20 per cent, and time spent in meetings using online platforms has already been reduced by up to 50 per cent, it was said at the online workshop titled “Digitisation as support for sustainable development”.

Nikola Markovic, the coordinator of the National Convent’s Working Group on the EU, which monitors implementation of Chapter 10 (Information Society and Media), says that digitisation is one of the most powerful factors in support of sustainable development because it saves a lot of resources. Markovic also underlines the importance of the positive effects of modern technologies, especially during the pandemic.

“Business has transformed thanks to digitisation which brought numerous benefits and savings, “ Markovic said.

Among the positive effects, first and foremost, he cited the development of e-Government, which provides significant savings in resources for both individuals and the government itself.

Markovic also mentioned that, during the pandemic, e-commerce grew by almost 100%. In 2019, the turnover generated by e-commerce in Serbia amounted to 17 billion dinars and in 2020, to 33 billion, which, he says, is almost double.

“The emergence of cloud computing reduces costs by up to 50%,” Markovic said, adding that savings are also realised through holding online classes.

However, he says that, at the same time, there is the issue of the effects of using these technologies, such as loss of human contact, the security of working from home, and blurred line between work and family time.

“These are all issues that deserve a solution, and some of them will have to be clarified by the relevant regulation,” Markovic said.

(Dnevnik, 31.03.2021)



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