Workers strike at Italian company Falc East in Knjaževac

The protest of workers of the Italian shoe factory Falk East in Knjaževac, who are dissatisfied with the working conditions, is ongoing.

The president of the Sloga trade union, Uroš Savić, said that the workers are dissatisfied with their wages and that that was the main reason for the protest.

“Ten percent salary increase, 200 dinars as lunch allowance and 5,000 dinars in incentives… We think that our demands are beyond modest. We expect the factory’s management to fulfill the demands today. Otherwise, the protest will expand and the protesters will block the factory’s exit if their demands are not met,” Savić adds.

The last protest was held on Friday.

“Nobody fulfilled the demands we presented on Friday. As you can see, we have gathered here today in even greater numbers than on Friday and we expect our fellow citizens to join us… We believe that Falk East would not really suffer if it met our demands, while the workers will have enough money to live a relatively normal life,” says the president of the Sloga trade union.

To remind, Falk East’s workers also protested in 2017, with the main reasons for the strike being overtime work, poor wages and interpersonal relations between the management and employees.

If the protesters’ demands are not met, the plan is to block the town centre.  

(Novi Magazin, 05.06.2023)

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