Worker protest in Leoni

The employees of Leoni have spontaneously suspended work for an hour in the company’s factories in Malosiste, Nis and Prokuplje, because of reduced wages and unpaid overtime, while the company’s management denies this.

The work stoppage was not an organized strike, because something like that is impossible to do in Leoni, but the employees did stop working before meeting with the directors and department heads.

“We asked for a meeting with the factory administration to explain why the June salaries were reduced between 5,000 to 10,000 dinars. Our average salaries so far have been around 39,000 dinars, and now we have received between 31,000 and 35,000 dinars,” said one of the workers.

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One of the dissatisfied women workers said that working conditions had drastically worsened since some of the company’s foreign directors left, and Serbian management took over.

“We are not paid for working overtime and on Saturdays, instead we get days off, but days off are actually the days that the company sends you home because there isn’t enough work for everyone.  If you work on the assembly line and you need a day off, for whatever reason, there is no way to get one, no matter how extraordinarily well you worked,” the worker underlined.

The company’s general manager, Clemens Sachs, denied the news that the workers had stopped working for an hour because of reduced wages.

“There was no strike. On Wednesday, 10th July, a group of our employees asked to speak to the administration over a misunderstanding that had arisen in connection with the calculation of salary,” Sachs said in a written note sent to the Beta news agency.

He explained that management had met with their colleagues in production to discuss and explain all the unclear details on the payroll calculation.

“In June, we had fewer working days, 20 in total, compared to 23 working days in May, and the salary for June was slightly lower than in May,” said Sachs.

According to him, the production in all factories of Leoni Serbia is continuing as usual.

(Mondo, 11.07.2019)

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