Women over 45 years of age in Serbia earn 40,000 dinars a month on average

Serbian women over the age of 45 earn less than their male counterparts, a poll by the poslovi.infostud.com showed.

According to the poll, women over the age of 45 have a salary range of 36,000 to 48,000 Dinars while men in the same age group have salaries of 48,000 Dinars or more. The poll covered 2,177 people – 53 per cent women and 47 per cent men – most of them living in the Belgrade area.  

“The majority of women over 45 years of age in this survey stated that they do not have a job (37.9%), while 29.9% have permanent employment,” the study reports.

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A press release said that 37.9 per cent of the polled women over the age of 45 said they had no job while 29.9 per cent said they were working with just 14.3 per cent in middle management positions and 6.3 per cent in senior positions.

“Women who are looking for work through the site Poslovi.infostud.com, and are over 45 years old, mostly apply for jobs in administration (45%) and retail (35%)”, the study shows.

(N1, 11.11.2020)




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