Women in Serbia own only 1/4 of all real estate

Women in Serbia are sole owners of only 25.6% of the total number of properties, according to data from the State Geodetic Authority (RGZ).

In addition, women are co-owners of 12.8% of the real estate where there is co-ownership of two or more persons on the same property, said the SeConS Group, which compiled an independent report on the implementation of priority recommendations by the CEDAW addressed to Serbia.

Observed by type of real estate ownership, women in Serbia are exclusive owners of 24.2% of land plots, exclusive owners of 25.6% of all buildings and exclusive owners of 42.6% of special parts of buildings.

In the total number of buildings where there is co-ownership, women appear as co-owners in 12.3% of the plots, 15.8% of the buildings and 8.2% of the special parts of the buildings. According to data on property acquisition, of all property acquired through inheritance, women own 40.4%.

In the total property acquired as a gift, women own 36.3%, and of all property acquired by purchase and sale, women own 43.7%.

Although Serbian property and inheritance laws treat women and men equally, customary patriarchal norms and inheritance patterns that still benefit male heirs more, and women’s generally weaker economic position due to lower employment, make men dominant as property owners, especially in rural areas, the report states.

(B92, 08.03.2021)




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