Women in Serbia are more educated than men

The largest segment of our population – 3,020,958 people – have graduated high school, 933,340 have a university degree, 344,056 people have a junior college degree, about a million citizens of Serbia have completed only elementary school and 300,000  have dropped out of elementary school.

Gender-sensitive statistics show that a greater number of women (24.03 percent) than men (20.73 percent) graduated from university or junior college, while and the largest share of persons with higher education was recorded in the Belgrade municipalities of Vračar (61.8 percent ), Novi Beograd (50.4 percent), Savski Venac (53.7 percent) and Stari Grad (59 percent), while the lowest share of persons with university or junior college educations is in the municipalities of Malo Crniće (5.6 percent), Žabari ( 6.1 percent) and Gadžin Han (6.6 percent).

Compared to the last population census (2011), the share of persons with higher higher education has increased significantly – from 16.24 percent to 22.44 percent, as well as the share of persons with a high school diploma – from 48.93 percent to 53.08 percent, while fewer persons dropped out of elementary school – a drop from 13.68 percent in 2011 to only 6.28 percent in 2022.

According to the results of the last population census, less than 38,000 people in Serbia over the age of ten are illiterate, and there are far more illiterate women than illiterate men – the share of women in the total number of illiterate people is 71 percent. More than half of the illiterate persons are 65 years old and older.

(Politika, 03.01.2024)


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