Wolfango Poggi cycling from Florence to Belgrade for Serbian children

On 14 May, Italian Wolfango Poggi will set off on a journey from Florence to Belgrade on his bicycle with one goal in mind: to provide Serbian children with the education they deserve.

As part of the Sezona Darivanja (‘The Gift Season’) donation campaign launched by the Novak Djokovic Foundation, Wolfango will begin his 1,200-kilometre journey to provide the village of Vajska in Vojvodina with the necessary funds to build a kindergarten.

“I have decided that the journey will take me from Florence to Belgrade because for him, it is like travelling from one home to another. I have always wanted to do something useful for Serbia by providing help to those who need it most. The journey will be divided into 8 stages and I will travel through Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. I am due to arrive in Belgrade on 22 May, after cycling for 1,200 kilometres. I didn’t choose 22 May as the last day of the journey by chance, because it is my wife’s and Novak Djokovic’s birthday,” said Poggi.

Originally from the city of Forli, Poggi fell in love with Serbian culture thanks to his Serbian wife. The years he spent in Belgrade made him form an unbreakable bond with the Serbian culture and its people, and he describes Belgrade as his second home.

Since 2016, Wolfango has regularly participated in humanitarian sports competitions, spreading his positive influence both in Italy and around the world. An unquenchable desire to help those who need help the most was spurred on after the sudden illness of his sister, which marked the beginning of his charity work.

Wolfango got in touch with the Novak Djokovic Foundation and soon joined the fight for children’s education. He decided to contribute to the construction of a kindergarten in the village of Vajska, which reminded him of the Italian village of Portico di Romagna, where he spent most of his childhood.

During the past week, more than 1,500 euro was collected for the purpose, which brought Wolfango considerably closer to the set goal. His noble act was also acknowledged by the Consulates of the Republic of Serbia in Florence and Trieste, as well as the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Rome.

More than 1,000 volunteers have already joined the initiative of the Novak Djokovic Foundation. Wolfango would also like to invite all interested people to help him with reaching his goal.

(B92, 12.05.2021)



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