WizzAir to discontinue Nis-Malmo flight

The Hungarian airline Wizz Air has confirmed for B92 that the Nis-Malmo route will be discontinued in January 2019.

The company confirmed that the route would be discontinued on January 7th, 2019, and passengers affected by the change are offered alternative lines, full repayment or a return of 120% in the form of a fare booking credit.

“As is the usual practice in the aviation industry, Wizz Air is constantly monitoring the performance of its airlines in order to make the most popular destinations available at the lowest fare prices. We will announce all the news regarding potential new lines on time”, Wizz Air says.

The Nis-Malmo line was launched in mid-2015, with an estimated 32,000 passengers flying annually.

Wizz Air, Ryanair and Swis airlines now operate 11 regular flights from Nis airport, with Wizz Air starting to fly to Vienna from Nis in November this year.

(N1, 27.09.2018)




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