Wizz Air abolishes hand luggage fee

As of 29th October, the passengers on Wizz Air flights are no longer going to be charged hand luggage fee and this is applicable to all flights.

The passengers will be allowed to take with them one piece of hand luggage, of maximum dimensions 55x40x23cm, without having to pay extra.

This represents a 50% increase in volume compared to the previous size of free luggage allowance. Customers traveling on or after 29 October 2017 that have already purchased hand luggage directly through Wizz Air channels will be reimbursed with 120% of the price paid, credited to their WIZZ accounts”, the airliner has said in a press release.

The airline has also introduced a new service option for passengers called WIZZ Priority. Valid on all flights from today, WIZZ Priority which includes: priority boarding, passengers allowed to bring an additional small bag (maximum dimensions of 40x30x18cm) into the cabin, and, from 29th October, a guarantee that hand luggage will be placed in the cabin (also available for passengers when purchasing WIZZ Go, WIZZ Plus and the WIZZ Privilege Pass).

Speaking about the airliner’s financial results, the company’s CEO, József Váradi has said that Wizz Air’s total revenue grew by 28.6% to 469.3 million EUR, while pre-profit tax went up by 16% to 60.5 million EUR in a three-month-period ending on 30th June. The net profit in the Q1 grew by 50.4% compared to the same period last year, and it stood at 58.1 million EUR.

Also, the total number of passengers using Wizz Air went up to 7.2 million thanks to 10 new flights including new destinations in Russia, Kazakhstan and Morocco.

(Tango Six, 19.07.2017)




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