Winter tourism boom in Serbia

Although the tourist facilities in the Serbian ski resorts are full to the brim, the accommodation prices are still exuberantly high.

There is no available accommodation both in hotels and in private tourist facilities.

“People keep calling us, trying to book a room, but we have none available. Divcibare has a lot of private villas but they have been booked back to back for months now. Hotels are also full. We have enough snow, and with more snow forecasted, we have made all winter activities available here. The price of the overnight stay in a room starts at 10 EUR while private apartments are rented for between 30 and 40 EUR a night. The overnight stay with breakfast in Divicabare’s hotels is around 3,000 dinars”, says Ivan Gavrilovic from the Valjevo Tourist Board.

The price of one-day ski pass for children is 800 dinars and for adults 1,300 dinars. Renting skiing equipment costs 950 dinars a day for adults, and 750 dinars for children.

These days, another popular winter resort Zlatibor is constantly full. There is enough snow on the Tornik Mountain so every available room is taken.

“We don’t know if it is the snow or the holiday season to blame, but 95% of our accommodation is full. There are almost no rooms to book anymore. The prices of the private accommodation start at 25 EUR for studios to between 30 and 40 EUR a day for bigger suites. Overnight stay in a double bedroom in a three star hotel costs around 2,00 dinars, breakfast and lunch included, providing you stay at least for three nights”, Nevena Cepic from the Zlatibor Tourist Board says.

In Zlatibor, the price of one-day ski pass is 2,050 dinars for adults and 1,600 dinars for children. Panoramic tour with a ski lift costs 350 dinars, while renting skiing equipment is around 10 EUR a day.

Our biggest and most popular ski resort, Kopaonik, is expectedly the most expensive to stay in. An overnight stay in a family suite in the centre of Kopaonik costs 85 EUR, while an overnight stay in a double room, breakfast and lunch included, is around 60 EUR per person. The daily ski pass is 3,200 dinars, while the half-day one is 2,500 dinars.

(Blic, 19.02.2018)


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