Public enterprises forcing their employees to switch from SBB to MTS

Several employees of the public enterprise Elektroprivreda Srbije (Electric Power Industry of Serbia – EPS) say that they are under pressure from the management to change the cable operator in their homes, leaving the private cable providers SBB and subscribing to the state-owned MTS.

An employee of the same company posted on social networks a table where the names of colleagues who have a contract with other cable operators are listed.

Although Elektroprivreda Srbije has denied that they had been investigating their employees and forcing them to change cable operators, comments left on social networks refute this.

Another user says that the same thing is happening in Novi Sad, where employees are advised to contact the state operator, MTS, noting that “the employer is very interested in helping MTS and its customers”.

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Those who switch from the private cable operator SBB to the state-owned company “MTS” are offered many advantages, including a year-round package for the price of a dinar. The same procedure is also taking place in public schools according to some sources.

In October, social networks were alight with claims that the employees of EPS, but also the entire public administration, were almost forced to change the cable operator in their homes. This information came from Novi Sad, Vrbas, Pancevo and other cities.

SBB network operates under the United Group, which is also the owner of the N1 and Nova TV stations.

(Nova, 04.11.2020)





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