Winner of prestigious NIN’s Novel of the Year Award announced

NIN’s award for the best novel of the year went to Danica Vukićević for her novel “The Inner Sea”, the jury announced yesterday.

The jury members Teofil Pančić, Marija Nenezić, Milena Đorđijević, Žarka Svičev and Goran Korunović decided by majority vote on the 69th winner of NIN’s award at the jury session held this morning at the Moskva Hotel.

“Danica Vukićević’s novel “The Inner Sea” examines the problems of existence, from the private to the socio-political level, from the materiality of everyday life to the key inner dramas of individuals in the modern world. With linguistic subtlety and power, Danica Vukićević transforms a fragmentary way of writing into a complete novelistic picture of the world,” it was said in the jury’s rationale.  

Danica Vukićević is an award-winning poetess and this is her first novel.

(Politika, 24.01.2023)

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