Winner of prestigious NIN Literary Award to be announced today

This year, 200 novels were submitted for the prestigious NIN literary award, the highest number ever in the history of the award.

The jury selected six writers that will compete for the award, including four female writers.

The jury, consisting of Tamara Krstic, Branko Kukic, Ivan Milenkovic, Marjan Cakarevic and Zoran Paunovic (president), says that sometimes is it is harder to narrow down the number of the nominees than it is actually to pick the recipient of the award. The winner is supposed to be announced on January 15th.  

While we wait for the winner to be announced, here are the nominees:

Goran Marković

In a collage of documents, letters, journals, reports, papers, secret documents, official records and testimonies, in his book “Belgrade Trio” Goran Markovic depicts an exciting story about the love triangle and other developments in postwar Belgrade.

Jelena Lengold

Her novel “Odustanje” follows the main heroine in three stages of her life (a girl, a young woman, a mature woman) and speaks of memories of childhood and growing up, of past, unforgettable love, of the experience of reaching the full maturity, and of the facts of intimate  family history that cannot be suppressed.

Lana Bastašić

In her novel “Uhvati Zeca”, Lewis Carroll and Elena Ferrante are two main characters who are on the search for white crystals in the Wonderland located somewhere in the hilly Balkans.

Vladimir Tabašević

In his first book “Zabluda Svetog Sebastijana”, Tabašević writes the story of St. Sebastian, which is just a subtext of the novel, while referencing the phenomenon of the victimhood and the misconception about it in the civil war in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, as well as modern misconceptions through which memories are constantly transformed. The writer says that Language and Memory are the heroes of his book.

Saša Savanović

Her book “Deseti Život” talks about a loveless “love” story that takes place in Belgrade, the exciting and bohemian “new Berlin”, where the main protagonists, two youngsters – the narrator and Vinsent – live their daily and for the most part, routine lives.

Branka Krilović

Through the narrative of her book “Prekasno”, the writer focuses on the encounter between a man and a woman after forty-six years. The novel also talks about solitude, life in the city, aging, youth, living in the skyscrapers in Novi Beograd etc. The main characters are a Mathematics professor and his former student, an actress, his daughter Milica, a theatre director and humanitarian worker by the name of Jovana.

(Blic, 14.01.2019)

Photo credits: RAS Srbija

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